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Digital Transformation & Technology!
Turn it Around! Turn it Around! Turn it Around!

                    • Target the right market and customer and increase revenue!
                                         –are you targeting everyone? 
                    • Hone in on using Digital Technology and best business practices!
                                        – are you increasing your Value or are you just sugar-coating IT?
                    • Re-Energize your Customer Experience!
                                        -have you lost your customer focus?
                    • Improve marketing and sales lead acquisition!
                                        -honestly, why haven’t you grown?
                    • Value Proposition enlightenment!
                                        -do you even know what this is?
                    • Excel through increased employee engagement!
                                       -are you treating your team unfairly? 

We help create, improve, or implement a vision for companies who struggle with implementing Digital Transformation with completeness and speed.
THRIVE outcomes result in a re-program of company culture to a Digital Transformation mindset where everyone will leverage Technology to drive Revenue, Customer Experience, and Engagement by being Value intrinsic.


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Drive Digital Innovation

Core Competencies

• Digital Transformation
• SaaS
• Acquisition Integration
• Operational Optimization
• Vendor Relations

• Business Development
• Business Strategy
• Cloud Computing
• Restructure
• Project Management

• Technology Structuring
• Performance Analysis
• IT Strategy
• Team Building
• Strategic Plans/Direction

• Revenue Capture
• Marketing
• Expansion/Startups
• Data Integration
• Leadership


Author, THRIVE a Radical Concept in Business

Author of a business strategy book that stops a business’s downward spiral and propels it to success. A transformational practices and concepts that guides the reader through essential business health checks and actions.

Technical Proficiencies

• Cloud Solutions
• Machine Language
• EUI design Figma
• Data Analytics

• VMWare
• Zoho CRM

• Cloud / IoT
• Marketo
• Constant Contact
• Sales Force

• E-Commerce building
• Predictive Analytics
• ServiceNow
• AWS/Azure Cloud

• Google Analytics
• Agile Methodology
• Microsoft SharePoint
• Juniper/Cisco Routers