Fractional CIO Services

You worked hard to build your company and you are doing well. You just need a little bit more support to really see strong results! Fractional CIO Services will verify results and help mentor and coach.

A Fractional CIO, also known as a Part-Time CIO, or CIO on-demand is an experienced, multi-faceted professional who serves as the part-time chief information officer of a small or medium-sized business that otherwise could not afford or would not need a full-time executive to hold the position of chief information officer.

The key business benefit of retaining a Fractional CIO Services or other Fractional Executives is that they provide the same expertise and capability of a full-time Executive without the associated level of overhead and benefits associated with adding another top level executive.

  • Interim CIO – Stop gap between outgoing CIO and new CIO.
    • Gap analysis – what is your current state of IT?
    • Roadmap- Where do you want to go? Plan to get there.
    • What kind of technology leader are you looking for?


  • Fractional CIO Strategy – Enterprise level CIO services focused on IT strategy.
    • Can we benefit from Emerging trends?
    • Are we utilizing our data to the best possible aspects?
    • Leverage Technology for competitive advantages.
    • Customer focus.


  • Fractional CIO Service Management- CIO focus on setting up and delivery ITSM using ITIL, DevOps, SRE, Agile or other frameworks that fit your business.
    • -Establish framework and better ITSM.
    • Incident, Change, knowledge management
    • Internal
    • External
    • ITIL Service Strategy: document the business’s goals and customer needs.
    • ITIL Service Design: interpret the service strategy to create a development plan.
    • ITIL Service Transition: introduces new services into supported environments.
    • ITIL Service Operation: manages services in supported environments.
    • ITIL Continual Service Improvement: refines service delivery in both incremental and significant steps.


  • Fractional CIO Mentoring – Guide IT leadership and think like a CIO
    • Policy procedures
    • Align to business objectives
    • IT Steering committee development


  • Fractional CIO digitization and risk control
    • Identify, manage and control process and risk to minimize chances of failure and disruption across transition activities.
    • Security, SDLC,
    • Coordinate Supply chain and service teams
    • Customer focus
  • Technology due diligence.
  • IT reviews and recommendations.
  • Cost effective solution for IT strategy.
  • Multi-faceted Senior Technology Executive

The Fractional Chief Information Officer (Fractional CIO) is ideal for organizations wanting the advantages of a dedicated, C-level technology executive without the complications of a full-time hire and expense. 

We can help you elevate IT from the back office to where it belongs: as a critical part of your integral business strategy.

Responsibilities include but not limited to strategic support, direction for existing staff, vendor management and comprehensive technology risk management.

 We make IT management proactive rather than reactive.

Fractional CIO Services from Blue-Demand can help bridge your IT leadership gap:

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