Strong Innovator & Tech Savvy: Created proprietary CRM and well-received client portal that strengthen retention, improved quality of data & improved accounts receivable collection time by 60%.

Data Driven / Metric Driven: Created Data Warehouse and analytics solution that fueled lead generation with 30% faster capture time at half the cost. Instituted a results-oriented and accountable culture with metrics, compensation, promotions, and rewards.

Business Technology Partnering / Big Data / Sales & Profit Growth: Asked by the CEO to improve fundraising to optimize operations and maximize profit. Identified challenges and created multiple solutions, transformed database management, reporting systems, and trained the staff in better time usage and large donor targeting techniques. This improved velocity in the fundraising process, and secured a higher percentage of large donors, and met all fundraising goals ahead of budgeted timelines, which quadrupled revenue and reduced costs 20-30%.

Enterprise Product Development: Called upon by the CEO to design software that could generate revenue and enable a targeted segment (fundraising) clients to achieve data collection goals and deliver a better product in an extremely competitive category. Over 90 days, investigated client needs and competitive products, and created feature sets and performance metrics, creating the software platform within 120 days. This new platform was sold to 40 new clients the first year, 10X board-level expectations, delivering a new category, and winning new contracts.

Enterprise Product Development: Selected by the CEO to replace an antiquated contact database system. Worked in tandem with developers, created the contact database strategy, and managed the system through completion. This increased stability, data management quality, placement, and an improved test platform for advancements. The contact database improved on the primary system by 25% with 50% faster reporting and a 40% cost structure reduction. The company sold the contact database system to a client for millions while retaining administrative rights for 5 years, which generated millions more.