Digital Transformation & Achievement: Commissioned to restore profitable growth for this acquisition and scale the business in a market dominated by large entrenched competitors. Within 90 days, built and led market penetration strategy, branding, messaging, (web and social media), redesigned lead generation, prospecting, and refocused sales on high-margin business, while closely tracking close rates. Restored sales trajectory in 60 days, won Trusted Partner status with Dell and EMC, increasing revenue 30% the first year, 50% higher than Board Level expectations. This quadrupled the client base, and the market capture strategy became a foundation for scalable growth.

Digital Transformation & Achievement:  Focused on expanding sales and marketing leads for a technology company in the private space. As Chief Operations Officer, grew company to 22 employees in fewer than 3 years with 22% yearly revenue increase and significant EBITDA. Conceived Vision and Mission and managed all aspects of revenue capture. Led business development, operations, marketing, finance and budgeting, legal, technology, and sales. The company become an attractive takeover target & was sold.