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Fractional CIO Services help verify your trust! Great companies are built on the fact they discover a need in the market and exploit the benefits.  They may have started small, or perhaps they merged with another company. They have partners, family, and friends in various roles. Technology issues were present, but their IT person was able to handle the call. They have a value proposition that’s very real and one that Jill Konrath @ www.jillkonrath.com would approve; they know exactly what it is and deliver it to the market and they grow. But all too frequently, we see that market shift. We see the demands of the customer change. We see the need for the company change, but all too often companies fail to adapt.

 We often miss what others plainly see. Many executives at SMBs find themselves in their role because of growth; early employees grow into their executive positions. They work hard,  sacrifice, and are rewarded. However, we find that these employees are the most reluctant to change. The tendency is to shrug-off bad quarters,  or to ignore the company’s metrics and indicators altogether. They do not follow through with department health checks enough, or at all.

As an old friend once told me, “Trust but verify,” and that is what we fail to do as entrepreneurs, CEO’s, COO’s, Directors, Execs, and other management positions.

We trust, but we do not verify. We do not react to what our metrics and customers are telling us. We do not change as our customers change. Change will come, you either force the change or you will be forced to change. It has never been more apparent than with Technology Departments and technology innovations.  We are asked to buy the speedy server, hyper-converged infrastructure, or invest in application development with full-stack developers. All too many times we simply sugar coat technology; we don’t innovate. We do not need to rely on Microsoft Azure http://azure.com simply because it is the Cloud. We go to Azure so we can leverage resources across a spectrum that will allow us to enhance our deliverables by ensuring effective and efficient processes.  We utilize Azure so we can build true measurable innovation that drives the market. We need the whole company to get us there, but we choose not to notice the employees who aren’t contributing effectively.

Fractional CIO Services

In today’s economy there is no place for an “average” Executive; especially an “average” Technology Executive in your company. A decade ago, the technology message to executives was to simply align IT with the business. That message was short-sighted. It is not enough to simply keep the lights on so to speak with technology. It is not enough to simply retrieve your email or store a document. It is not enough to browse the internet and create slides. It is not enough for technology to be aligned with your business. Technology must become the forefront of your business.  

The truth is, sometimes we need to step back and do those checks. We need to process our metrics and evolve when it is time to evolve.

 Your executive team must understand their metrics, innovate, drive change, and lead within your market to increase customer experience levels. Fortunately, you do not have to replace the team that got you where you are today.  However, you must tap outside leadership with multiple industry experience to leverage numerous best practices and embrace more efficient processes, digital access and innovation. It’s one thing to change, it is another to lead. Interim Executives can help you create vision and strategy. An Enterprise Interim CMO or Fractional CIO Services can reset sights on goals and markets that may have slipped over time. An Enterprise Interim CIO or Fractional CIO Services can establish a technology gap analysis and formulate a strategy that brings in a no-code low code application; pulling from a common data service, or turning business users into data champions to help your company and tech department make better decisions like my friends at Semarcy do. https://www.semarchy.com/ 

Fractional CIO Services
Fractional CIO Services

An Enterprise Interim CIO Services can help define Digital Transformation opportunities and create executives that are innovative and engaging for continual change that drive markets.  Change is inevitable. It is all around us. It is not to be feared, rather, it is to be embraced because of the opportunities it represents.

Change is a verifiable law of the universe—and we can either grasp change or fail!

Do not settle for your market conditions and take your executives for granted.  Change the status quo, lead your industry, and trust and verify with Blue-Demand Consulting. https://blue-demand.com

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