About me                      Resume

My company that I built and grew was recently acquired.  I am looking for my next opportunity. I believe you might be able to help me with my transition.

You will find on my resume that I am qualified in many industries and top positions some of the titles may include but not limited to Business Consultant, Interim Executive or C-suite.

You will see on my resume that I am an
Exceptional Business Builder & Proven Operational Leader within a wide range of Private & Public Sectors with an effective performance in organizations from startup to several multi-million dollar companies, managing operational budgets and capital expense budgets to tens of millions.  I live in the Phoenix, AZ area but I am open to relocation.

You will also see that I am a competent and talented mentor and manager, having a track record in multiple organizations, attracting, recruiting, and mentoring large teams, direct
reports and establishing the infrastructure that has repeatedly resulted in multi-million-dollar growth, maximizing profitability, and building or restoring market share in highly complex and competitive business climates.  A transformational leader with a continuous
improvement mentality and the ability to engage employees at all levels by elevating and training product knowledge, process excellence and instituting cultures of excellence. Widely considered a key strategic player and regularly called upon by stakeholders to provide thought leadership in the creation, development, and implementation of mission-critical initiatives with enterprise-wide implications.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Targeting
  • Operational Optimization
  • Technology Structuring
  • Revenue Capture
  • Market Share Capture
  • Sales Development
  • Mentoring / Training
  • Best Practices
  • Consolidation / Restructuring
  • Technology Product Development
  • Expansion
  • Value Proposition Focus
  • Cost Reduction
  • Corporate Image Development
  • Data Integration